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  • What We’re Reading: November 11, 2014

    Airbnb Berlin Wall campaign

    We can’t say enough: it’s all about mobile.  Last week at World Travel Market, Lee McCabe, the global head of travel at Facebook (there’s such a position??) told an audience that mobile is “…not a technology. It is everything.” By 2015, it’s expected that more than half of travel research will happen on mobile (don’t […]

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  • TripAdvisor’s “Just for You” personalized recommendations: good for you, good for independent hotels


    The big news in travel search for the moment is TripAdvisor’s new release of their “Just for You” feature, which personalizes hotel recommendations based on a set of filters that you choose, as well as all your prior activity on the site, from your past reviews to hotels that you have researched. Though personalization has […]

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  • Dissecting the direct booking funnel: a guide for independent hotels

    How to assess the value of your hotel’s most profitable online distribution channel In the ultra-competitive world of hotels, it’s easy to be wowed by the possibilities of digital technology. Take for example Marriott’s launch of a global creative content marketing studio (à la Red Bull and Go Pro), or Starwood’s Apple Watch door key initiative. […]

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  • What We’re Reading: October 9, 2014


    WayBlazer blazes onto the scene. There’s a lot of recent buzz about the upcoming launch of WayBlazer, a new travel research and inspiration app that runs on the power of IBM Watson, a supercomputer that understands natural language and gets smarter as it learns your preferences. (Yes, this is the same Watson that beat humans at […]

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  • Google’s new “captive demand” platform puts OTAs on alert

    Google Hotel Finer

    Google’s new “captive demand” platform will allow hotels to improve CRM programs and subvert OTA rate parity clauses like never before. A recent report by U.S. investment banking firm Evercore entitled “Google’s Travel Plans in a Post-Atomic Era” lays out Google’s master plan for “potentially the most disruptive travel initiative” to date. The heart of […]

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  • What are the sources of hotels’ direct bookings? WIHP releases new survey results


    (Source: WIHP / Tnooz) Today our partners at World Independent Hotels Promotion (WIHP) released a rather interesting (and colorful!) chart showing how guests have heard about the hotel they are booking. The chart compares the last four years of WIHP’s survey, which targets guests who have made direct bookings. Analyzing more than 12,000 guest replies, […]

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  • Are today’s mobile booking engines holding hotels back from potential revenue?

    iOS 7 GUI PSD (iPhone 5S/C)

    With Expedia reporting that travel bookings via mobile are expected to top $26 billion this year, it’s no wonder so many companies are jumping on the hotel mobile booking game.  Just last year, last-minute hotel booking app Hotel Tonight scored a $45 million round of funding, just as daily deals site Groupon snapped up HotelTonight’s […]

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  • What we’re reading this week: September 4, 2014


    We’ve heard the cries of some hoteliers in regards to Airbnb and other sharing-economy travel websites. These cries range from calls of the services dipping heavily into the revenues of hotels, while some hoteliers believe the industry can learn a thing or two from the renegade services. In this article, HotelNewsNow delves into why hoteliers […]

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  • Four Hot Hotel Blogs We Love

    fourhothotelblogs - feature

    In the recent years, hotels have recognized the importance of having dynamic and fresh content on their website in the form of a blog. Creating a conversation with potential guests through a genuine manner in the form of interesting content goes a long way, and can transform potential guests to actual guests. Here are four […]

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  • Three digital marketing strategies that hotels can learn from Airbnb


    Airbnb’s recent rebranding campaign has certainly made headlines (and not necessarily in a good way), but questionable logo aside, the company continues to be a major disrupting force the hospitality industry, especially now that it has begun to expand into the business travel market. While some in the hotel industry have been crying foul of […]

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