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  • Integrating local experiences to differentiate your hotel


    With travel inherently rooted in destinations, it’s vital for hospitality companies to provide customers with high-quality local offerings. In recent years, there has been an even stronger push for hotels to deliver more authentic and integrated experiences, perhaps due to the preferences of the Millennial generation and the advent of the social media age. Today’s […]

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  • Google’s move into booking: good or bad for hotels?


    When Google attempts to break into a new commercial marketplace, it rarely dips its toe in the water. So, as you might expect, their growing expansion into hotel booking has caused quite a stir within the industry. According to Tnooz, the company recently rolled out instant booking, which lets travelers book directly on Google without […]

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  • How to use social influencers successfully to market your hotel


    Influencer marketing has received quite a lot of buzz in recent years and was even rated the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method. Hotel brands are lavishing freebies to Instagram and YouTube stars in return for posts or videos. Essentially the digital age’s version of a celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing is a powerful way to connect […]

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  • Upselling and cross-selling: the difference and why it matters for hotels

    Escapio Hotels

    Upselling and cross-selling are both great ways for hotels to boost incremental revenue on bookings, though the difference between these two strategies isn’t always clear. Put simply, upselling involves getting a customer to spend more on an existing purchase, such as upgrading their choice of room, while cross-selling involves selling ancillary products or services, such […]

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  • Four mistakes your hotel makes in international PPC marketing


    PPC marketing, or pay-per-click search engine marketing, is an important tool for hotels in generating traffic to their websites. But a successful PPC campaign in the domestic market doesn’t always translate to success in the international market. Here are some of the biggest mistakes in global PPC campaigns that hotels should avoid: 1.  Translating keywords […]

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  • Hotel booking through social media: Is it worth it?


    Amidst the inescapable social media age, brands are experimenting with innovative new booking options. Last year, KLM became the first airline to allow passengers to pay for flights via social channels. Thanks to Dominos, it’s now even possible to use emojis to order pizzas. While booking hotels through any of the major social media players has also […]

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  • The coolest and most creative content marketing from hotels

    Loews Hotel Content Marketing

    The current mantra in hotel digital marketing is content, content, content. It is the driving force behind most inbound marketing campaigns as it builds domain authority for your hotel website, takes advantage of social media sharing, and allows your hotel to showcase its unique story and brand. But not all content is created equal. From […]

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  • The next frontier for hotel metasearch: product instead of price comparison


    A recent article published by Tnooz argued that it’s time for travel metasearch to evolve. If that’s the case, exactly what form should this evolution take? After all, a number of metasearch engines have recently overhauled elements of their design to integrate booking and improve overall customer experience. But if you look at the big […]

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  • The best LGBT hotel promos following the historic gay marriage decision


    Following the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 U.S. states, hotels across the nation celebrated the historic moment with a series of creative promotions and special events. Here are four of the most innovative LGBT hotel campaigns and offers that marked the pivotal moment when gay couples could finally tie the […]

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  • How metasearch could revolutionize Best Rate Guarantee programs in hotels


    In the hotel industry, Best Rate Guarantees have mostly become a way for travel hackers to get cheap and free hotel stays. Here’s how hotels can evolve BRG programs to do what they were originally intended to do: encourage more direct bookings. In the early days of hospitality e-commerce, when the popularity of online travel […]

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