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Can your booking engine shift business from the OTAs?

I recently started a discussion in LinkedIn group forum I happen to be a member of. The discussion topic is titled “Do you know of a booking engine that can help me shift business from OTAs?”. It turned out to be quite a hot topic, but what I found particularly surprising was the number of people that said the booking engine could do nothing to help shift the business and…

Irrational pricing in the hotel industry

(Disclaimer: if you happen to recognize the hotel from where I’ve taken the example, it is important to note that the problem is by no means unique to it, nor is it unique to the booking engine used on it’s website. The illustrated problem is pervasive in the hotel industry. I am not singling out the hotel or the booking engine/CRS for any reason other than to illustrate the problem…

“Ask the CEO” from

Repost of an interview I did for on FRIDAY, APRIL 09, 2010 Today ‘Ask the CEO’ features Gautam Lulla (@travel_tripper) from Travel Tripper located in New York, USA. 1. What problem (s) your company is trying to solve? The primary problem we are trying to solve is the over-dependency of hotels on the very expensive online travel agencies. The stranglehold that those third-party sites have on hotels is outrageous,…

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