Monthly Archives: October 2010

A ten step booking process masquerading as five

Here is the progress bar of a well known booking engine – the Synxis Guest Connect product. The bar indicates that it will take the user 5 steps to make a booking. Let’s examine this claim via the booking process on Guest Connect as implemented for Preferred Hotels. Step 1 – “Select Dates” So far so good. Step 2 – “Rooms & Rates” We choose the room and rate and…

by Gautam Lulla October 30, 2010 Comments User Experience

Are GDSs heading for extinction?

Back when I was a young babe in the travel industry woods, the big four Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) were all-powerful. The GDSs provided significant value to both travel buyers and sellers and were an important link in the travel value chain. Today are GDSs still a strong and important link in the chain, or a weak and broken one? Great Leap Forward When GDSs were first introduced, their technology…

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