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The Case for an Open Source Hotel Industry Switch

In a previous post, I wrote about a massive single point of failure in our industry: the Pegasus switch which connects hotel reservation systems to the GDS’ and other online channels of distribution. 86,000 hotels depend on a single industry switch to connect them to travel agents worldwide. Conversely, travel agents depend on a single industry switch to gain access to 86,000 hotels. Aside from the risk involved here, (outlined…

Put Your Reservation Policies to Work

The price vs cancellation equation A hotel room night is perishable inventory. In exchange for offering travelers the ability to reserve this perishable product in advance, hotels have wisely implemented cancellation policies. Hotel guests understand and accept these policies, because they understand that if they cancel the room right before a planned stay, the hotel may not be able to sell that perishable room night to someone else. Over time,…

by Gautam Lulla December 4, 2010 Comments Revenue Strategy

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