[INFOGRAPHIC] How to conduct a website usability test for your hotel

How well does your hotel website convert? Are you capturing enough bookings, or is there something potentially hurting conversion rates? One of the best ways to discover what is and isn’t working about your website is by conducting a usability test. Our infographic below shows you the basics of website usability testing, including what types of testers to recruit and what types of tests you can conduct.

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How to conduct a website usability test

Nate Lane

Nate Lane

Nate is the Senior Director of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper and oversees website design and development, digital strategy, SEO, inbound marketing, and email marketing for a growing portfolio of global hotel clients. He's an avid mountain biker, a coffee and craft beer enthusiast, and a proud family man. Contact him at nate@traveltripper.com to learn the 3 things that every hotel marketer must do to succeed in 2018.

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